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According to a report on News24, Pretoria-based midwife Yolande Martiz is being investigated for neglect and unethical behaviour after her daughter blew the whistle on her. Yolande’s 21-year-old daughter, Estuné Martiz, who worked with her mother as a doula, emotionally supporting women during labour, for 4 years has claimed both on Facebook and Carte Blanche that her mother illegally gave her patients at her You & Me practice labour-inducing medication.

Estuné told Carte Blanche that her mother administered the drug Cytotec during labour and told patients it was the homeopathic calming medication Rescue Remedy. Estuné and some of Yolande’s patients are also claiming that she gave them the hormone oxytocin to induce labour.

Why this is not a good idea

Pretoria-based gynaecologist, Dr Karen Minnaar told YOU that oxytocin stimulates the uterus and creates stronger contractions. She explained that if this is used together with Cytotec, it can overstimulate the uterus and the mom can have a uterine rupture.

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What Yolande says

While Yolande has denied these allegations on Carte Blanche, her lawyer told YOU that she wouldn’t be commenting on them. According to News24, Yolande also denied these allegations on Facebook, saying genetic and other medical reasons where the cause of the babies’ problems.

The online news publication says Yolande has since deleted her Facebook account.

The investigation

The South African Nursing Council (SANC) is investigating several complaints of neglect and unethical behaviour against Yolande. Four sources have confirmed to YOU that Cytotec and, in some instances, oxytocin, were given to women at the You & Me midwifery practice without their consent.

At least four couples are in the process of bringing civil action against Yolande.

A mom speaks out

27-year-old Adell Rheeders lost her little girl on 1 August 2020. She is one of the women who shared her horror birth experience at Yolande’s practice with YOU.

Adell says she transferred to Yolande’s service because her medical aid didn’t pay for labour. “My friend took me to Yolande for my 32-week check-up but she didn’t take my blood pressure. It looked as if the baby’s heartbeat had slowed down But Yolande said she was sleeping,” Adelle says.

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At 35 weeks Adell started experiencing excruciating pain just above her belly. She was told by Yolande to go and see a chiropractor.

A week later she went back to Yolande who then attached a baby monitor to try and find a heartbeat, but there was nothing. “I started screaming for her to do something. Then she took my blood pressure and it was very high – 180 over 115 (a normal reading is 120 over 80).

Yolande then told Adell that she could either induce there immediately or go to a state hospital for a C-section. “I told her to induce labour. But three hours later, nothing had happened. An ambulance came to take me to a state hospital.”

Unfortunately, her little girl, Miané, was stillborn. According to News24, Adell’s medical records show that she had suffered from pregnancy-related hypertension.

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“I’ll always think of Miané, always wish I’d made different choices,” Adell says. “I still have all her baby things. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over her death.”

Adell Rheeders lost her baby on 1 August 2020. Image: News24

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