Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 10:49 am

We all know what toddlers are like – when they want something, they want it NOW! So moms will completely relate to this cute TikTok video which has been trending on social media since it was posted by Mom of Two Boys @smanje a few days ago,

In the clip, a little boy marches up to his mom and tells her quite explicitly that his “car is flat” and he needs to charge it.

The mom is obviously not paying too much attention because he raises his voice and says, “Mamela! Mamela!”, which is isiZulu for “Listen! Listen!”. You can see that this is urgent business for this little young man who just wants to hit the road with his favourite toy.

Unfazed, his mom responds that he can’t because “there’s no electricity”. End of story.

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But despite his size, he’s is not having any excuses. His poor mom tries to explain that there’s “load-shedding”, but the clincher is when he turns around and responds: “I need to charge this car, so don’t say no to me!”

As if she has the power…Life isn’t always fair, is it moms? But at least we can have a laugh.