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You might recognise him from his time as a presenter on the Expresso Morning Show on SABC3 or from way back when in 2008 when he was a finalist in the Men’s Health Look 2008 model search competition… Ewan Strydom left our TV screens in 2019 and now hosts the afternoon show on Smile 90.4FM.

We caught up with him to chat about what it’s like being a dad to 8-year-old Kean and 5-year-old Dominic, and what he’ll be doing on Father’s Day…

What does Father’s Day mean to you?

Just the realisation of the blessing I have to be a father and a husband to my beautiful family. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously – to be kind, loving and supportive in the best and worst of times.

What are your Father’s Day traditions?

We don’t really have traditions as such, but one rule is that I am not allowed to leave the bed in the morning before a little ‘Father’s Day surprise’!

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How will you celebrate Father’s Day during lockdown?

It will have to be without a stop at our favourite coffee shop, or a possible weekend away, but a braai MUST happen.

Ewan Strydom - Father's Day
Kean, Ewan and Dominic

What’s your favourite braai dish?

There’s nothing like a juicy, tender and well-spiced fillet on the braai. I don’t do it often at all, but when it happens, it’s as if time stands still. Of course, a braai needs a slaai, so my wife’s potato salad is the perfect match, it’s so goooood!

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What are your Father’s Day gift recommendations?

Anything that Dad will find useful in his day-to-day, or that will add value to his life. For me, workout gear, a good bottle of whiskey, or any accessory for my motorbike would be great.

What has been your proudest moment as a father?

I’m sure any dad will tell you that there are so many milestones that your little one reaches under your guidance that makes you incredibly proud. For example, just last week, I sat down and taught my eldest how to tie his shoe. It’s not a big deal for me, but seeing the shock and awe on his face when he managed to do all by himself is priceless. It made me feel so proud to be his dad. However, the single proudest moment as a father was the first time I held my boys after they were born. I don’t cry easily, I will even go as far as saying I will rival Chuck Norris. But tears were flowing in those moments as if JT instructed me to Cry a River..

Tell us about an embarrassing or funny father moment you’ve had

Honestly, I’m a goof and not scared to embarrass myself. In fact, I’ll go out of my way to do the embarrassing dad thing when I get the chance. I love doing an embarrassing DAD Dance when we have a jol together. It creates golden moments.

What’s the most valuable parenting advice or tip you’ve received from a dad friend?

Make sure that while your kids are growing up, you expose them to as much “positive” as possible, and chase “experiences” as a family. My mom and dad made sure we always did a variety of things when we were together. Time spent with your kids is priceless – time flies by so quick, so make the most of your moments with them.

What’s your favourite activity with your kids when you have some downtime?

We head outdoors. We’re big on camping – it’s the best way to disconnect from screens and tech. Out in nature they can get their feet dirty and let their imaginations take over. We also love going to the beach, even during the week when we can.

We also chatted to Kean and Dominic to find out what they think their dad does at work…

What do you think your dad does at Smile 90.4FM?

Kean: ” I think he writes scripts, read scripts, presses buttons and plays music for like 3 hours!”

Dominic: “I think he does work on his Tablet, and he also talks to people.”

Ewan Strydom Father's Day
Kean, Ewan and Dominic

What’s the coolest part of your dad’s job?

Kean: “He can drink his coffee and eat snacks! But not in the studio – that’s not allowed!”

Dominic: “Dancing and putting on some cool songs!”