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Whether SA is on lockdown or not, we know many moms agree that a thoughtful, homemade Mother’s Day gift is much more meaningful than an expensive store-bought present (although pretty jewellery is always welcome, right?)

No doubt, this Mother’s Day is going to be a little different to previous years. But these cute Mother’s Day ideas are certain to keep them entertained while we’re all at home

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Ring holder made from modelling clay

This activity requires adult supervision as the clay needs to cook on the stove. However, once you have your clay ready, children of all ages can play with it and mould it into all sorts of shapes .

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Ideal for ages 2-5 years


  • 2 cups salt
  • 2/3 cups water
  • Saucepan
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • ½ cup cold water


  1. Stir salt and water in a saucepan over medium heat for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat, add cornstarch and cold water.
  3. Stir until smooth, return to heat and cook until thick.
  4. Allow the clay to cool then shape as desired. For the ring holder, your child just needs to create a flat, flapjack shape with the clay and turn the sides up to make a holder. This can vary in size.
  5. When dry, decorate with paint, glitter or coloured markers.
  6. Your partner can help your child finish the ring holder with clear nail polish.

Your name in flowers

Ideal for ages 2-5 years

Although this activity is fairly simple, your child will need adult supervision to help write your name and cut the flowers if they can’t be picked easily.

What your child needs:

  • Paper (cardboard is best)
  • Crayons or markers (your partner needs to write your name in big, bold letters)
  • Glue (Pritt glue works perfectly)
  • Flower petals from the garden (or any other objects such as leaves or Autumn twigs)
  • Garden scissors (for your partner to cut the flowers, if it’s not easy for your child to pick petals herself) .
  • A basket, bucket or any container to collect the flowers
  • Glitter, stickers (optional)


  1. Your partner needs to help your child write your name in big, bold letters across one or two pieces of cardboard.
  2. Next, your child needs to collect her favourite flowers from the garden and pick the petals off.
  3. Let your child put a layer of glue inside each letter of your name
  4. Lastly, your child needs to arrange and stick the petals on your name, using a variety of colours and shapes. Your child can use additional glue on each petal to make it stick.

TIP: If your child only uses other materials to decorate your name such as stickers, glitter, etc. she can frame your name using a large photo frame.

Rainbow tin can holder

Using strands of wool in various colours is an easy way for your child to decorate an old tin. This can then be used by you for keys, pens, make-up brushes or as planters in your kitchen.

What your child needs:

  • Acrylic paint (to paint the tin first)
  • Fabric glue
  • Strands of wool in various colours – and long enough to fit around a tin can


  1. First your child needs to paint the tin can and let it dry.
  2. Once the tin is dry, your child needs to draw a thin line of fabric glue along a strand of wool.
  3. Next, your child needs to wrap the wool around the can and hold it in place for 1-2 minutes before letting go. (TIP: Your child can either start from the top and work towards the bottom or vice versa.)
  4. The idea is to create a rainbow with the strands of wool wrapped around the can so that none of the tin is visible.
  5. You child can finish this off with ribbons or bows.

Some gestures to make Mom feel special on Mother’s Day:

A breakfast smoothie in bed

Instead of eggs, bacon and toast, your kids could make you a morning smoothie instead. It’s much less fuss – and mess! All your child needs to do is choose a variety of fruits to put in the blender, along with yoghurt, some milk (optional) and ice cubes. That’s it. Some great additions for your smoothie include peanut butter, protein powder, and desiccated coconut.

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If you have older kids, another option is to let them make you a flapjack stack, using this Paw Patrol Chocolate Flapjack Mix from Checkers. It’s much easier to use because there’s no measuring or prep required. Simply add milk, shake and pour into the pan.

Time to relax in a bubble bath

There’s nothing like some quiet time and a soothing soak in the bath to calm any stress or anxiety. Ask your partner to help the kids to run you a special bath with bubbles, possibly some soothing music or candles, and a drink on the side. Bliss!

A lunchtime picnic

While your kids might not be able to prepare a picnic lunch from start to finish, they can help to decide on the menu, and set up the picnic outside, complete with a blanket, cutlery and cushions. Let them invite you for lunch where you’ll get to enjoy some special quality time together.