Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 05:19 pm

Waking up to a swollen, different coloured vagina may shock the hell out of you, but before you race off to your doctor let’s look at what are totally normal changes during pregnancy.

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It may turn blue

Your labia and vagina may turn a blueish, purple colour as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. So even before you know you are pregnant, your lady bits may already show signs of pregnancy. This is known as “Chadwick’s Sign”. It is caused by increased blood flow down below. After pregnancy it will return to its normal pink colour.

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It may swell

During pregnancy, your blood volume increases by as much as 50%, meaning that some of that extra blood volume collects down below making your vulva and vagina feel swollen. This increased volume can of course lead to increased sensation. So, on the plus side your orgasms may be more intense.

It may get vein-y

Vulva varicosities are small varicose veins that develop in and around the vulva. These may cause concern, but rest assured they are normal and will most likely go away after birth. They can cause some discomfort and throbbing if they are quite large. You may want to wear firm, supportive underwear if this is the case.

It may feel like it’s being stabbed

A sudden, sharp stabbing sensation known as “lightening crotch” may just catch you off guard. This occurs as the weight of the baby puts pressure on the cervix, especially in the third trimester. Generally, it is nothing to be concerned about.

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It may get infections

As pregnancy can change the pH of your vagina, you can become more prone to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. This is easily treated with topical treatments. So, if something seems a little funky down south, please see your doctor and get it checked out.