Itâ??s been said no one is angrier than a woman scorned. While there may be some truth to this, men can become angry too. So who will be more vindictive?

Women arenâ??t necessarily more vindictive than men

Many men will show their angry side when pressed. For example, an ex husband may refuse to give his ex wife some of her belongings simply out of spite. Women, however, tend to be more emotional than men, and have acquired the reputation of being more vindictive.

Men will often react on the surface

They may be spiteful, but wonâ??t often go to great lengths to find ways of hurting a member of the opposite sex. They arenâ??t as likely to carry grudges around with them and are more apt to react then forget the situation and move on.

Women, on the other hand, never forget anything

Once emotions become involved, itâ??s easy to hang on to the thoughts of what they want. This doesnâ??t mean, of course, all women act on negative thoughts, but there are many who do. Because of the emotions, these reactions often turn nasty and sometimes, even dangerous.

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Men who choose to be spiteful may only act on it once or twice

They donâ??t keep it going and arenâ??t actively trying to find ways of hurting a member of the opposite sex. Much of what they do is circumstantial and may be done in the moment.
Women who choose to be vindictive often think up ways of hurting their victims. They want to see them suffer and will go to great lengths to do it.

Vindictiveness can come in many forms and can occur for many reasons

Vindictive men often react out of jealousy. Perhaps they donâ??t like the new guy in an exâ??s life. There may be other reasons for jealousy as well.
While women may certainly be jealous, their vindictiveness can stem from more complicated situations. For example, a woman who is jilted just before her wedding may be so angry with her ex she makes a plan to completely ruin his next relationship. She may even go so far as to try to keep him from being happy.

So are women more vindictive than men?

In some cases, yes. Itâ??s important to remember that some men are just as vindictive. The differences, however, lie in emotion versus reaction. Women feel strongly about things and men react to them. So the answer may be no more complicated than that.