Last updated on Feb 10th, 2021 at 09:04 am

It’s fun, it’s maddening, it’s frustrating, it’s hilarious…it’s #momlife. Here are the best parenting tweets from moms around the world.

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It’s not at all suspicious when my four-year-old says, “Mom, put your arm up high and I won’t tickle your armpit at all, just put it up and I won’t tickle you.” I wasn’t born yesterday, kid.

I got a new alarm clock five years ago and it’s still going strong to this day. Only difference is, it doesn’t cry now, it just repeats “I want breakfast” over and over.

My son asked me if I had “mommy training” I said no. He said “What?How did you become a mommy without proper training?”

As I sit here with my children in a sea of beads, I remind myself that anxiety attacks are temporary but fine motor skills are forever. Hopefully.

First I was late for my period then I was never on time for anything again #momlife am I right?

*Arrive home from work*

Me: Hi 3! I missed you, do you have a cuddle for me?

3: Sorry Daddy, I’ve run out. I had some, but I gave them all to Mummy.

It’s almost 3am. My child decided this was the perfect opportunity to wake me from a deep sleep and provide me with a verbal history of everything she isn’t allowed to do or she will get a time out. #Parenthood

My 12-year-old son: What if instead of a man getting bitten by a radioactive spider, a spider got bitten by a radioactive man?

Me: Um-

12 year old: *singing* Man-Spider, Man-Spider. Does whatever a man can do. Pays his taxes, gets a job. Lookout, here comes the Man-Spider. #boymom #momlife

Being a mom means… kids beating on the bathroom door like the SWAT team, asking for a snack , while you’re in the shower and their father is in the kitchen… #momlife

Have you had the same bun in for three days? Chances are, you’re a mom. #momlife

My daughter has been asleep for two hours. Disney Jr is still playing on the television. Why haven’t I changed the channel yet? #dadlife

Hoping the kids sleep like Matthew McConaughey tonight…All night, all night, all night. #dadlife

Terrific. Sat down on a six-hour cross country flight and I’m seated next to someone with a baby. Doesn’t matter it’s my wife and son. #dadlife