OUTsurance quietly replaced Katlego Maboe with Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and fans are not letting them off the hook that easily as they demand answers. 

The aftermath of Katlego Maboe’s cheating scandal has spilled over into 2021 after fans noticed that he had finally been replaced by a new front-woman in the viral “Chencha daai ding” commercials: former Expresso presenter Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp. The move to replace Katlego was not widely announced but fans have quickly caught on and are now questioning the insurance brand’s decision. 

Katlego OUT, Elana IN? 

If you’ve been watching popular television channels in 2021, you will have quickly noticed that OUTsurance’s “Chencha daai ding” ads have a new face. Elana Afrika’s quirky personality has graced a new range of the insurance company’s ads, and although she has not put a foot wrong in her new role, the brand is being asked to answer some difficult questions from viewers: most notably, those coming from Katlego Maboe’s loyal fans.

They want to know why he’s been left out of the latest campaign.

Here’s what OUTsurance has to say:

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“Katlego was not an employee of OUTsurance, but an actor whose services were used on a campaign-by-campaign basis, for which he was fully paid,” said a statement from OUTsurance.

Why did his roles dry up?

Katlego was captured on video confessing to his wife and the mother of his child, Monique Muller – a saga that would go on to damage his career irreversibly.

At the time, it was suspected that after investigations were concluded, Katlego may return to work (including his post as Expresso presenter) but there has been no clarification since then. 

Katlego’s cheating confession: Here’s what OUTsurance, Expresso, and the alleged ‘other woman’ have to say

OUTsurance has moved on, and cast the charismatic Elana Afrika in their latest batch of adverts encouraging consumers to save by switching to their insurance brand.

The only issue is that Katlego Maboe’s fans feel as if this move has been made without any transparency. 

The brand, however, disagrees:

“We disagree that there has been a lack of transparency,” said a statement obtained by All4Women from OUTsurance. “We remain consistent with what we mentioned previously, that we would like Katlego to have the space to deal with the ongoing matter outside of the public eye.  Featuring him in any commercial currently would not assist in that regard. “

“It is also important to note that Katlego was one of a range of paid actors that we have used for our campaigns.  We have different actors on different campaigns as evidenced by our life and funeral ad campaigns.”

Here’s what Katlego fans have to say:

The decision to “replace” Katlego with Elana appears to have stirred a bit of controversy on social media with some users noting that not only were Katlego and Elana colleagues at one point (on the set of Expresso), but they were also industry friends for some time. In fact, a video of one of their musical duets is still available on YouTube:

Did Katlego’s petition mean anything? 

After he was suspended from Expresso, Katlego’s OUTsurance ads were removed from television circulation with immediate effect. In response to this, a petition was launched to try and have the troubled presenter reinstated to his posts.

The founders of the Change.Org petition wrote their reasons when they said,  “KATLEGO MABOE is he not allowed to have a “personal life? I am not condoning his behaviour of cheating on his partner but this young man is human after all and I feel this woman took their internal bedroom or home affairs to the outside world of which it doesn’t concern us and it doesn’t concern his work as well.

“If OUTsurance doesn’t bring Katlego back this petition will be signed by South Africans to boycott OUTsurance until you bring the poor guy back on our screens again.”

It seems as if the petition, which garnered close to 75,000 didn’t hold enough weight to “force” OUTsurance to reconsider their stance on the troubled presenter. As it stands, it’s unclear if we will see Katlego Maboe back on our screens any time soon. 

What do you think of the new OUTsurance adverts featuring Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp?


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