Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 11:55 am

Is there anything more beautiful and peaceful than a sleeping baby? Although they’re a lot more fun when they’re awake (most of the time), most moms wish their babies would go on snoozing just a little longer. There’s always a chance she will – until the times you really don’t want her to wake and she’s guaranteed to do just that.

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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

When you’ve just started a new book

Never mind unicorns or pots of gold – what’s truly mythical, for the mom of a new baby at least, is a little downtime. Small wonder you’ll seize on those moments of peace with such glee – except that it always seems that the wake-up cry starts up just as you’ve boiled the kettle for that much anticipated cup of coffee you’ve planned to sip during your longed-for reading session.

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When you’re trying to squeeze in a deadline

If you’re a working mom, the time will inevitably arise when you’re trying to squeeze in an email, a phone call or a deadline in between “moming”. The best time to do it is, of course, is naptime – except that your baby seems to have a finely tuned radar that’s set to ensure all your attention is reserved for him alone.

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When Uber Eats arrives

You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you really don’t want to cook. The solution: takeaways. The problem? It’s as though your baby smells the pizza at precisely the moment you open the box. Ah well − another meal to be enjoyed cold.

When you’re about to reconnect with your husband

Let’s be honest, the idea of having sex can feel a little weird just after you’ve had a baby. So when you finally have things back on track with your man, it’s something to be celebrated. It’s a pity, then, that nothing can turn off the boudoir mood quicker than a baby crying.

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When you’re trying to stave off sibling jealousy

“Dates” are one of the best ways to maintain your bond with your older child when your little one arrives. And there’s no better time to date than when Baby Number Two is napping. But that built-in radar, the one that ensures she’s in the full glare of the spotlight all the time, is sure to go off just as soon as you’ve cut the cake for your dolls’ tea party.