To be an individual is to follow your heart, establish your own ethical principles, and actively resist social/peer pressure and control.
Here are some guidelines on how to be an individual:
1.  First establish who you are
Find yourself first. Figure out what makes you an individual different from anyone else. Spend time thinking about your views and beliefs on politics, religion, ethical behaviour, etc. How carefully do you follow your principles and ideals? Write down those ideals and set about sticking to them.
2.  Be yourself, love yourself
To be an individual, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and with your own beliefs and principles. Self consciousness and embarrassment are the biggest obstacles to achieving true individuality. Allow people to love you for who you really are. Celebrate your uniqueness, and be proud of your existence. Fulfil your potential.
3.  Be original â?? don’t think you have to keep up with local trends â?? reject peer pressure
Don’t accept generic behaviour or work from yourself. Put your own twist on everything you do. Stamp it with your individuality. At the same time, always try to be unique. To be an individual, you need to live according to your personal beliefs, instead of according to the latest trends in music, fashion, behaviour, etc.
Do things that you enjoy doing and which match your ethical standards. Avoid doing things just for effect. Do not try to be someone you are not, just to fit in with everybody else or make you more popular.
5.  Question everything
Be keen to learn. Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see, and don’t repeat anything to others unless you’re sure of your facts. Constantly ask yourself how many different ways there are to do the things you do. Are you doing them the way everyone else does them or are you doing it differently because you feel your way is better and you want to be an individual.
6.  Set goals for yourself
Set goals for yourself, particularly ones that contribute something new and different to the world. Aim to do something that’s never been done before.
7.  Learn to face and overcome criticism
Learn to face and overcome criticism. If your goals really are paving a new road, you’ll probably encounter opposition all along the way. Get used to it and try not to be affected by it.
The bottom line with being an individual is to be as unique as you like or can, without causing harm, sadness or stress to others.


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