It’s easy to become comfortable and complacent in a relationship – especially when it’s cold out and you have someone to snuggle with. But it’s not good for your relationship or your (possibly neglected) friendships…

Recently, while watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother, I came across a term called â??Couplesâ?? Comaâ??. Itâ??s winter time and happy couples Marshall, Lily, Ted and Robyn are in hibernation mode. They refuse to leave the house and prefer to watch TV in their pyjamas. Single guy Barney tries to get them to go out but they constantly refuse.

As a single girl with many â??coupledâ?? friends, I feel Barneyâ??s pain. So, for all you coupled ladies out there, this is a plea from your single friends to try, at least some times, to avoid being part of the dreaded couplesâ?? coma. 

What is ‘Couples’ Coma’?

Couplesâ?? Coma can be defined as the following:

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• Never leaving the house

• Refusing to go out after 9pm

• Texting the other half constantly when youâ??re out with your friends

Now, weâ??re not saying that Couplesâ?? Coma can be associated with being 80 and living in an old age home, but we can probably say itâ??s very good practice. And hey, everyone needs a head start in life, right? Well, just in case youâ??re not ready to kick the bucket, read our tips to find out how to avoid being completely sucked into the world of couplesâ?? hibernation. 

Never leaving the house

We get it, itâ??s cold outside. We know that. However, like most people, we are sure that you have at least one jacket and pair of boots in your closet. Just because itâ??s winter doesnâ??t mean that you shouldnâ??t see your friends.

Remember, although cuddling is nice, girl time is also important. Who else will understand why coasters are necessary or why shoe space is so vital? Also, in all seriousness, itâ??s important for females to maintain a strong support system outside of their relationships. Friendships should always be looked after – if the worst should happen and your relationship goes south, they’ll be the ones to help you pick up the pieces.

Refusing to go out after 9pm

South Africa is home to some of the most vibrant cities in the world. Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban have some of the best clubs, plays, music shows and dinner spots in the world.

Now, weâ??re not saying you should go out every night. This type of lifestyle doesnâ??t suit everybody and is especially difficult on our bank accounts. However, sometimes you just need to go out and experience the night life your city has to offer. It can make for a romantic evening and a lifetime of memories.

Texting the other half constantly when out

Your single friends probably have a difficult enough time getting you to come out without your significant other anyway. Coupled friends tend to use the word “I” when they actually mean “we”. For example, when single people hear, “I will meet you after work for a drink,” we expect you to come alone. However, for many coupled people this actually means, “My other half and I will meet you after work for a drink. We have become fused at the hip since weâ??ve started going out. Please understand that we are no longer two individuals.”

Although this is actually understandable, sometimes your friends want to spend time with YOU and not “WE”. When, by some miracle, we can get our coupled female friends out alone, we donâ??t want to see you constantly texting your other half. Yes, we know you “love him” but that he “loves you more” and that “no, no, you love him more” but we would like to spend that time reconnecting with you. It’s also just rude to make your company feel like they’re playing second fiddle to someone who isn’t even present.

Always remember

You are part of a happy relationship and good friends should be happy for you. However, friends are important even during the cold winter months. Spend time with them for a few hours and have some fun. You can always go home to cuddle afterwards.