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Navigating heedlessly through a mall or sidewalk is something you take for granted – until you have kids. Once your baby arrives, finding a way to transport him in comfort (both his and yours) becomes paramount.

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Here’s how to choose a pram that meets both your needs.

Consider the various options available

Prams and strollers – they’re not the same. Prams are designed with newborns in mind; they’re sturdy, don’t collapse and allow baby to travel lying down. Strollers, on the other hand, are perfect for when your baby is a little older and wants to view the world from an upright sitting position. They’re usually lightweight and can fold to fit in your car’s boot. Many moms favour travel systems, which include a car seat that clicks into position within the pram. These are great for younger babies, because you can transport them out of the car and into the pram without waking them up. Simply detach the car seat from its base, position it in the pram, and you’re on your way.

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Think about where you’ll be using the pram

Are you planning to take your baby on walks around the suburb, or is your pram simply a means to carry your little one while you whizz around malls? Julia Downey of Thule Active with Kids says it’s important to consider things like the surfaces the pram will travel on – smooth or bumpy? Will you be walking on pavements or in parks?

Is it easy to use?

Folding a pram might sound like an easy thing to do, but most have push/pull levers and switches that can challenge a tired brain. Test the pram before you buy it, Downey advises. Is it heavy? Does it fit into your car easily? Can you assemble it quickly?

Is it value for money?

A good pram will last not only through your baby’s first few years, but may even make it to your next baby. Find out if there’s a guarantee and what it covers, and look out for any extras that will make your travels that much more comfprtable. Think extra pockets where you can stash blankies, tissues and wipes or keys, or a cupholder (you need somewhere to store your cappuccino, after all!) and storage under the seat for shopping bags.

Moms share

What’s your favourite pram or stroller?

“I love the Thule Glide 2 – it’s great to be able to take my daughter with me when I run.” – Christine. Available from,,

“Our Chelino has such great functionality – you can turn around on the spot.” – Mara, mother of Matthew and Madison. Available from and

“The Bugaboo is a bit pricey, but it lasted for ages – we’ve used it with all three kids.” – Gina. Available from

“My son used his Joie from birth to two and a half years, and it’s still spacious for him. It’s reasonably priced, folds flat with a one-handed strap, and is strong and sturdy enough to go on any surface.” – Robyn. Available from Baby City and