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You’ve probably been told that the first six weeks of being a mom are difficult and intense – and, yes, they are. But never fear – there’s a hack for that. Our tips remove the struggles so that you have more time to marvel in the miracle of your little one.

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Forget fiddling with fasteners

Notice those little shoulder flaps at the top of each onesie? Those are there so that you don’t have to undo a babygro while doing battle with a nappy and simultaneously constraining the flailing legs of a crying baby. They make it possible for you to slip the onesie neatly over your baby’s head – there. All done.

Two at a time

Changing nappies is a messy business. If you have a boy, you’re looking at level 10 messiness. But you can minimise the damage by placing the fresh, clean diaper underneath the soiled one during nappy changes. Then all you have to do is collect the dirty wipes in the old nappy, move it out the way and – voila – the clean one is ready and waiting.

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Keep it noisy

Yes, really. You might need a pin-drop quiet environment to fall asleep, but the reality is that your baby is seldom going to have the benefit of a radio- or conversation-free zone when it’s time for a nap. Help them sleep through anything by getting them used to background noise from the first. On the subject of sleep, remember that blackout blinds are your friend.

Ditch all the must-haves

Seriously, you don’t actually need a special thermometer to test the temperature of the bath when you have your elbow – it does just the same thing. There are so many “essential” products that it can be easy to get bogged down, but in reality you’ll probably end up using only one or two of them. Canvas your mom friends to find out what their go-tos are, and restrict your shopping list to these products.

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Throw away all your white clothes

You’d be surprised at the variety of staining bodily fluids that are emitted from a baby’s body.

Let go of the expectations

Of course you’re hoping to be supermom, but you’ll probably just disappoint yourself – and end up not enjoying baby’s first days because you’re trying to live up to a list of “shoulds”. Forget homemade meals (um, it’s called Woolies), forget about ironing, and give yourself permission to feel overwhelmed, useless and imperfect. You didn’t know how to do your job on the first day, right? By the same token, don’t listen to every single person who wants to offer advice – you’ll often find their views conflicting. Choose one person who you trust (and whose parenting style you admire) and when a challenge arises, ask them how they dealt with it.