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Nine months is a long time to share your body with another human. These pregnancy hacks will help to make you more comfortable.

  1. As there’s no such thing as a stomach bra (why not, we want to know), sports tape is about to become your best friend. gives you the lowdown on how to strap your bump, so you don’t get that “OMG, this baby is about to burst out of me right now” feeling.
  2. Those leg cramps that strike in the middle of the night can make a grown woman cry (surely labour isn’t much worse than this?). Bananas and electrolyte water are said to help stave them off. Alternatively, stock your medicine chest with a magnesium supplement (just remember to ask your doctor first before you pop any new pills).
  3. Forget ginger biscuits. Homemade electrolyte pops are the nauseous mom-to-be’s ultimate sip snack. Just pour electrolyte solution into an ice tray and freeze.

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  1. Heartburn? Before you reach for milk, remember that it actually increases the production of stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar is a safer (and more effective) bet.
  2. Cold tonic water can soothe puffy feet. The bubbles are so good against hot, swollen toes.
  3. An inner tube may be the answer to your sleepless nights. Lie on it with your belly in the hole.

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  1. The bigger you get, the less comfortable you’ll find your usual work chair. Swap it out for an exercise ball. An added bonus, you’ll be strengthening your abs (you’ll be grateful when they bounce back after the birth).
  2. Itching must be one of the worst pregnancy symptoms. Try E45 cream to soothe it. Some moms also swear by coconut oil, and adding oatmeal to your bath may also help.
  3. When you can’t reach something because your bump is in the way, grab it with braai tongs.
  4. Don’t underestimate the uses of a bag of frozen peas. It can be a cooling ice pack when your body feels like it’s on fire, and soothe swollen feet, headaches and even a sore back.

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