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Who hasn’t used an emoji to express your current mood in a text? But sometimes, there isn’t the perfect one to sum up exactly what you’re feeling, especially if you’re a hormonal pregnant woman. The good news is that there are now 250 pregnancy emojis available, which you can download to share your pregnancy journey.


Three best friends, Sarah Robinson, Hannah Hudson, and Natalie Ralston, launched EmojiMom, an app with emojis that pregnant women and new moms can relate to. While you can share an angry face with your hubby for leaving his socks on the bathroom floor, there’s nothing that shows “in labour”, “peeing for the thousandth time” or “my water just broke” on the current emoji keyboard.  “When you’re pregnant or a new mom, texting is more than fun – it’s actually a lifeline,” Sarah told Buzzfeed. So finding the appropriate emojis to express your frustrations and joy at this time makes sense.

Watch this funny video of how to use the pregnancy emojis here:

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Here are some of our favourite pregnancy emojis:

 image1image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10How the app works:

  • Tap on the emoji you would like to send to copy it, and paste it into your message.
  • EmojiMom works in text conversations, Snapchat, Twitter, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.
  • To use EmojiMom in WhatsApp or your Facebook status update, save the emoji to your phone and upload it as an image.

Pregnancy emojis

EmojiMom is available for iOS from the Apple App Store for R18.99.

Download the app here.

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