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We all know that crime is a prominent issue in our country, and violent crimes remain a feature of South African life. Robbery with aggravating circumstances increased, with the police registering 10 082 more such robberies compared to 2014, according to the 2015 Crime Stats Report. There were 5.2% more house robberies compared to the previous year.

Keep your family safe and your belongings protected with these home security tips from National Home Security Month (NHMS):

  • The majority of burglaries happen during the day. Talk to your domestic worker and advise her on what to do in the event of a burglary.
  • Don’t let your domestic worker go outside the property with a remote for the gate. She might be forced to open the gate and let criminals into your home. The gate should always be operated from inside the house.
  • There are inexpensive ways of securing your home if you can’t afford a proper security system like electric fencing. For example, you can plant thorn trees outside or inside the perimeter of your home to keep burglars away.
  • If you notice a suspicious person in the vicinity of your driveway, don’t open the gate. Drive past your home and call the police or your security company to investigate.
  • Many burglars are now accessing homes by removing the roof tiles and climbing in through the roof. Make sure your alarm beams cover the roof area as well.
  • Crime tends to be opportunistic. Make sure your home is adequately protected and doesn’t look like an easy target to criminals. The more security layers you have in place, the more difficult you’ll make it for criminals to get in, thus the safer you’ll be as they will most likely move on to more vulnerable-looking properties.
  • Ensure your doors are fitted with SABS-approved locks. It’s always best to install a cylinder lock instead of a two-lever lock. Two-lever locks have about 20 different key combinations (making it easy for someone to get in) whereas cylinder locks have about 2000 different key combinations.
  • Install a night latch or dead bolt on all the doors in your house.
  • Ensure that you have a strategy in place for your kids to follow in the event of a burglary – what should they do, where should they hide, who should they call, etc.
  • ER24 can be called on 084124 when you require an ambulance. Anyone is able to phone ER24. ER24 is a private emergency medical care company and we do make services available to people with and without medical aid. However, private clients will be billed after the incident was serviced. An invoice will be sent by the accounts department. Medical aid member will not receive an invoice and it will be submitted directly to their medical after the incident was services. ER24 does not require upfront payment in case of a medical emergency. This only applies to inter facility transfers. The response time of emergency vehicles are dependent on traffic congestion, closed roads, road works etc. An average response time for one area would be completely different to that of another. The closest most appropriate ambulance will always be dispatched. If ER24 does not have a vehicle available, the Emergency Contact Centre will hand the incident over to the closest most appropriate service provider.

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