Weâ??ve all been a part of it at some point or the other, and, despite its negative reputation, gossip does cause people to bond. But how do you deal with it when youâ??re the subject?

Most of us have been the subject of gossip at some point in our lives, and weâ??ve all felt the sting of humiliation and hurt feelings that follow soon after. Nip gossip in the bud and deal with it the productive way with these tips.

Get into their heads

A big part of dealing with gossip is understanding the psychology behind it. A person who gossips about you is resentful towards you and doesnâ??t have the courage to face you directly so they talk about you in your absence. They may gossip because theyâ??re jealous and insecure, and by so doing, put you down to make themselves seem better.

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You have two options when dealing with gossip
     1.  Confront it
     2.  Rise above it

Confronting it

Be direct with people who are gossiping about you. Let them know that youâ??re aware of whatâ??s being said. Most gossips are usually scared to face you directly and will back off.

If, however, youâ??re in a particular delicate situation (for example the person gossiping is a family member and confrontation could lead to family friction) you may have to find a way to rise above it.

Donâ??t let it get to you!

If jealousy is the reason then this type of gossip will continue on a regular basis. One of the best ways to shrug off a gossip is to ignore it.

There is no better revenge than a life well-lived

Keep living a good, happy and prosperous life. If they gossip about your looks, continue to look good! Youâ??ll soon be so hooked on focusing on all the positives your life has to offer that you wonâ??t care what they think or say.

Watch your words

Prevent gossip by paying attention to what you do and say around others, especially around those who tend to gossip. While it may not be fun to censor yourself, at least you wonâ??t be providing any new material for the rumour mill.

Be the change

Use your experience as a learning curve and donâ??t spread gossip about others. Change the subject when others try to gossip and if you canâ??t then at least try to prevent yourself from gossiping about others.

After all if you have nothing nice to say itâ??s best to say nothing at all!