Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 12:42 pm

The placenta is a very important part of pregnancy. It sustains your baby and protects her while she’s in the womb. To celebrate this life-giving organ, many parents are using it in unusual ways after birth. Here are five strange things you can do with the placenta:

  1. Use it as face cream

The placenta can be made into a cream or salve by adding herbs and oils to it. Believed to have healing properties, the cream is said to help with haemorrhoids, tearing, cracked nipples, sunburn, nappy rash, C-section scars, and various irritations.

  1. Make placenta art

There are people who do this as a token of remembrance, turning the placenta in artwork with paint. Some even take this into fashion by making placenta blood shirts.

  1. Swallow it as a pill

Some people believe the placenta has amazing health benefits, but if you can’t stomach the thought of actually eating or drinking it, you can encapsulate your placenta into pills. Speak to your doctor first before ingesting it.

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  1. Turn it into jewellery

This involves drying it out before turning it into a pendant or earrings.

  1. Craft a teddy bear

Rather strange – and maybe not a toy for your little one – you can use the placenta to stitch a teddy bear.

  1. Use it as fertiliser

People actually use the placenta as a fertiliser when planting a tree in honour of the birth of their little one.