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Milk is an ideal source of protein and calcium, and also contains a range of essential vitamins and minerals. In support of World Milk Day, here are five nutritional benefits of milk.

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  1. Disease fighter

Drinking milk has been linked to maintaining a healthy blood pressure and reducing the risk of strokes and heart-related problems. Milk can reduce the effects of a migraine, and the amount of cholesterol produced by the body to prevent artery blockages.

  1. Healthy bones and teeth

Milk is a source of calcium, which is essential for healthy, strong bones. Not only do young children need it while they are growing, but adults also need it to keep their bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. A condition caused by the deficiency of vitamin D or calcium in the body.

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  1. Glowing healthy skin

Milk has plenty of nutrients that help the skin be in good condition. It contains lactic acid, which can act as an exfoliator, and the enzymes facilitate smooth skin. It also contains amino acids that help maintain skin moisture.

  1.  Muscle strength

The proteins contained in milk help to rebuild muscles. After exercise, it will help to keep any pain while replenishing fluids that you lost during your workout.

  1. Stress reliever

Milk contains vitamins and minerals that act as stress relievers and energy boosters. Drinking a glass of warm milk can help to soothe muscles and nerve tension. Milk can help to revitalise your body after a stressful day.

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6 tips to incorporate dairy into your child’s daily diet

Terry Harris, Dietician at Discovery Vitality shares these suggestions:

  • Make a smoothie by blending fruit and plain yoghurt or milk together.

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  • Cook your little one’s oats in milk instead of water.
  • Replace fruit juice or sugary drinks in your child’s lunchbox with plain milk.
  • Plain yoghurt mixed with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds are great for snacking on.
  • Add milk to mashed potatoes or other mashed vegetables or to pureed soups.
  • Make a healthy ‘chocolate’ milkshake by blending plain milk, fresh banana and a little cocoa powder together.