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 What to look for in a baby thermometer?

Age appropriate: Not all thermometers work well for all ages. Rectal thermometers can be used on children of any age, and they’re highly recommended for newborns as they give the most accurate readings. However, an older child is likely to object against this method, increasing the risk of injuring him or ending up with an inaccurate reading. Oral thermometers are best for children aged four and older. A younger child probably won’t be able to safely hold the thermometer in his mouth for the required time, so a digital thermometer or one that takes a reading from under the arm is probably best.

Important safety notes: Soaking in warm water can raise body temperature for up to an hour, so don’t take your child’s temperature right after a bath. But if your baby is under three months or if your child of any age is hot, listless and sick, don’t wait to take his temperature – call your doctor or seek medical attention immediately.

Our pick of the best baby thermometer’s

Nuk Baby Thermometer 2-In-1

R639.99, Baby City and Toys R Us

This thermometer has an innovative, extra-small measuring tip with an infrared transmitter. This allows the body temperature to be measured in two ways: either in the ear, where the result can be read within a second, or the tip can be gently rubbed against your baby’s temple for five to eight seconds to achieve an equally precise result.

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Nuk Baby thermometer 2 in 1

Thermoscan 7

R899.99, selected retailers

This thermometer has a special pre-warmed tip, which is designed to give accurate results by eliminating the cooling effect of the probe in the ear. The probe can be safely used to measure newborns’ temperatures as it does not have to be fully inserted into the ear canal. By selecting your child’s age, the colour-coded display will help you understand the temperature reading based on your child’s age.


Chicco Thermo Distance Infrared Thermometer

R1 299.99, Baby City and Baby Boom

This thermometer can measure your baby’s temperature in a second. It allows you to easily take your child’s temperature with one hand, without disturbing his sleep. You can also use this thermometer to measure the temperature of your baby’s food and bath water. It has an automatic switch off function.

Chicco infrared thermometers



iThermonitor is a wearable wireless thermometer that attaches easily under your child’s arm using an adhesive patch. Bluetooth technology links the iThermonitor to your smart phone or tablet, allowing you to continuously and quietly monitor your child’s temperature – simply download the free iOS or Android app. You can also set alerts for temperature thresholds and remotely monitor your child’s temperature anywhere.


Elektra Health I-Scan Thermometer

R399, Baby City, Baby Boom and Toys R Us
The display on this monitor helps determine the severity of your baby’s fever by displaying red for high, blue for normal and yellow for low. It has a fever tech indicator with alarm, icon and colour indicators. It also has 32 memory recalls for you to keep track of your little one’s past temperature readings.

Elektra i-Scan Thermometer

Chicco Digi Paediatric Thermometer

R99.99, Baby City and Baby Boom

Designed to measure rectal, underarm and oral temperature in two minutes, this thermometer also has an acoustic signal to warn you when the measurement is complete. It memorises the last reading, and comes with a practical storage case to keep the thermometer germ free. It is available in four different colours: yellow, blue, pink and green.

Chicco Digi Paediatric Thermometer

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