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There is no one right way to bath your baby. You will feel as if you haven’t a clue the first few times, and baby is also likely to be a little upset initially. But, before you know it, bath time will be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day.

When to bath your baby

You can bath your baby at any time, but sticking to the same time tends to lend rhythm to the day. An evening bath is a good way to signify the end of the day and a morning bath can precede a morning sleep.

h2>When and where to bath your baby

  • Your baby can be bathed in a biggish hand basin if the taps are not uncomfortably placed, or in a baby bath.
  • You don’t have to bath your baby everyday as topping and tailing will do.
  • If your baby is hungry, feed him to quieten the worst of the hunger before bathing him.
  • Bathing with your baby in the big bath is great fun and also a wonderful way for dads to bond with their little ones. Just be careful when getting out of the bath – preferably hand your baby to your partner.

What you’ll need when you’re bathing baby

Organisation is everything, so make sure that you have all you need at hand before undressing baby. A great tip is to dispense all soaps and shampoos into squeeze-nozzle bottles that can be easily operated with one hand.

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You will need the following items for bathing baby:

  • Two big fluffy towels – one opened on the work surface, the other at the ready in case of any ‘accidents’.
  • Three soft flannels – one for the face, one to dry the hair, and one for placing on baby’s tummy.
  • Cotton wool balls.
  • Cotton buds – to clean the navel (for newborns) and outer shell of the ear.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • Liquid soap.
  • Baby creams.
  • A clean nappy.
  • A fresh set of clothes.

Try and tidy up as you go along so that you don’t have to face a grubby bath scene once the household has settled for the night.

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