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Visit this site to buy something for someone special! It will be hard for you to resist buying a little something for yourself with amazing lifestyle items like original lighting options, linen and magnificent hand-crafted tableware and jewellery.
We especially live the kids section where you can buy baby sleeping bags and all kinds of soft toys.

This site has become one of the more successful sites for online shopping in South Africa. You’ll find clothing for everyone from babies to kids and adults. There’s a huge selection of top-brand fragrances to choose from too. Shipping is free and prices are reasonable.

If you’re into beauty products, you’ll be happy to spend time looking through everything on offer here. The products, like body scrubs, moisturisers and shampoos, are botanically rich and formulated for the whole family to use. You’ll also find a unique oil to prevent stretch marks as well as fragrances and sun protection. The price of beauty products can be steep, so these are great options at reasonable prices.

Mimi and Jojo
This relatively new site on the online shopping scene is a blessing for moms, especially during the busy Christmas season. You may not be up to taking your kids to choose their own toys in the stores, so why not browse this site with them in the quiet and calm of your living room.

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This is an international site, but it’s perfectly adapted for you to shop from right here in SA – simply select your country and you’ll be shown everything that’s available and be given the price in Rands so you won’t be hit with a surprise bill if the exchange rate has changed since you last checked.
You can find pretty much everything under the sun here, but we love it for the book selection since there are titles you can get within 24 hours. When it’s time to relax with a book there really is nothing better – and there are kids’ books too. The fresh deals will keep you clicking for more. Plus, they’ve recently launched a baby section!

Buying jewellery online is pretty daunting for most people. Not only do you worry about what you’ll actually be getting, but we found that the selection of sites is very limiting and there isn’t much choice out there. This site has modern, pretty pieces – so start hinting now!

Faithful to nature
If organic food goods and lifestyle products are your thing, spend some time browsing this comprehensive site. Keep an eye out for the green gift guide where you’ll find earth-friendly gifts for your little ones, teenagers and significant other.

Take the stress and hard work out of making and shopping for a Christmas dinner by visit Thrupps online and placing your order to be delivered to your doors. There’s everything from glazed hams and stuffed turkeys to regular groceries. We feel less stressed already!

These stores all offer easy payment options, but be sure to check for any shipping costs and take note of how long delivery will take.