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New additions to the family usually bring excitement and hyped up anticipation, twin additions raises the enthusiasm bar to record levels which can only be described by parents of new-born pairs.
Off the bat, there is a natural tendency to want to smother these little beings with unending attention, but this is not necessarily the best strategy to get twins on the road to unselfish development.

Schedules to preserve sanity
Raising twins require perseverance, a ‘killer’ schedule and…. A ‘killer’ schedule. Structure in a household where two lookalikes with varied personalities require the exact same nurturing, commonly at the same time, seem rather challenging but definitely the key to your sanity. One needs to remember that these siblings have been competing for ‘dibs’ since conception – space in the womb, nutrition and not to mention who would be kicking dear mother, first.

Turn you feeding frenzy into smooth sailing
Breastfeeding is best, this we know but it is not an easy task with twins, questioning whether mom should have them each latch onto a nipple at the same time. Is this even possible you ask? Yes, quite. Simultaneous feeding has great advantages which will leave both babies nourished, most likely sleepy and mom earns some much deserved time for herself. Mom need not despair if this does not work for her or for the babies. A natural concern that they are not getting enough from breast milk can easily be remedied by introducing your twins to formula or expressed milk in their individual bottles. This has proven to be rather convenient, leaving room for flexibility thus allowing dad and relatives to be involved in feeding duties, whether at home or travelling.

By Martine Hendricks

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Parenting twins: Part 2