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Other than being a fantastic sleep inducer, bathtime for baby has shown to have developmental benefits too. Splashing around in the water with toys is a great way to encourage healthy cognitive development in your child. Remember bath toys need to be safe, durable, washable and thoroughly checked for broken pieces that could become a choking hazard.

Your little one will have hours of fun with these bathtime toys and activities:

  • Children love pouring water in and out of containers and it’s a great way of developing their fine motor skills. Give your child different sized containers to play with, and some with holes for sprinkling.
  • Get your little one a set of washable crayons that he can use to draw on the bathroom wall during bath time. Drawing stimulates creativity and is a fun way of keeping older children busy and entertained in the bath. Toby Tower’s Splash ‘n Learn Count & Colour crayons are non-toxic and completely washable, perfect for bathtime drawing.
  • If your little girl loves playing imaginative games, get her the Toby Tower Splash ‘n Learn Fancy Dress Up bathtime stickers. She can choose whether she wants to dress her ‘bath doll’ as a mermaid, cowgirl, nurse, witch or fairy. Imaginative play is very important for children as they learn by imagining and doing. When your little one engages in pretend play, she experiments with the social and emotional roles of life. Pretend play also develops a child’s language skills and thinking skills.
  • Learning about numbers and the alphabet will be much more fun in the bath! Toby Tower’s Splash ‘n Learn Alphabet & Numbers bathtime stickers will boost the development of numerical skills and increase your child’s familiarity with the alphabet in a fun way.

Toby Tower Splash ‘n Learn bath-time crayons, R54.95


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Toby Tower Splash ‘n Learn Fancy dress-up bath-time stickers, R129.95


Toby Tower Splash ‘n Learn Alphabet & Numbers, R109.95

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