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An affirmation is a positive phrase that we think or say repeatedly, for example, “I am beautiful, I am smart, I am kind, and I am healthy”. These affirmations can make you feel good and happy and they can be very beneficial for kids too.

Occupational therapist Samantha Toweel-Moore lists some of the benefits of teaching children positive affirmations:

  • What we think, we create. Our thoughts interpret events and create an emotional reaction. Our emotions in turn lead to action. Positive thoughts create positive action.
  • Positive scripts to shape his life. Children absorb all the comments and labels they receive into their unconscious minds like sponges. Many of these are untrue. For example, a negative comment like “You’re naughty” when a child is full and can’t finish his food. These labels become scripts for his life. He lives these labels. Positive affirmations create healthy labels and bring them to the conscious to undo the negative ones.
  • I lead my life. Affirmations empower your child. They place him in the role of the leader in his life. He has control over the situation. He knows whatever happens he can redirect his thoughts and change the outcome.
  • Create conscious living. When we live without reflection, a lot of damage can be done. We can settle for far less than our capabilities. When we learn to think before we act, and question our thoughts, we change this. Affirmations teach a child to be conscious of what he thinks and therefore does. This creates active positive living.
  • Achieving goals. Affirmations can be goal orientated. They can be scripted for any area of need in your child’s life. This helps goal attainment.

Earthchild Project is a non-profit organisation that works with children and teachers in disadvantaged primary schools in the Western Cape. They use ‘I am’ affirmation cards to teach children in the townships about the power of positive thinking. These cards were developed together with designer Leigh Franks from Feel in 2012 to generate income for Earthchild Project. Following the success, they’ve decided to do a second print run using the online platform Given Gain. Through this, people worldwide can pledge their support and make a donation to help children around the world learn how to better care for themselves, each other and the earth.

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