Last updated on Feb 23rd, 2021 at 01:27 pm

Tips to stimulate your two-year-olds gross motor, fine motor, social and language development:

  • Encourage your child to play outside with balls, in the sandpit or on the swings and slides.
  • Give your child a feather duster to help you with chores around the house.
  • Read a simple story to your little one and look at picture books with him so he can point to the pictures and name them.
  • Play different kinds of music and sing and dance with your toddler.
  • Talk to your child and allow him to say something back to you.
  • When your toddler uses a word incorrectly, don’t correct him – rather use the word correctly yourself in a reply.
  • Use simple terms to explain things to your child, but do occasionally add words that will help him to build his vocabulary.
  • Try to give your toddler choices so that he can feel in control to a degree.
  • Let your little one play with push and pull toys – this will help develop his gross motor skills.

Tips to stimulate your three-year-olds gross motor, fine motor, social and language development:

  • Toy cars, trucks and trains make great toys for this age.
  • Large interconnecting, lockable blocks will keep your little one entertained and develop his fine motor skills.
  • Dolls and a pram are great for girls for imaginative play.
  • Pretend games encourage fantasy play.
  • Drawing, painting, pasting and cutting will improve your toddler’s fine motor development skills.
  • Playdough is fun for toddlers to make shapes.
  • Threading beads is also a fun activity.


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