Last updated on Feb 23rd, 2021 at 01:53 pm

Your toddler will begin to focus for longer on interactive activities that will expand his attention span. He will be capable of experiencing stronger emotions and will also master skills through repetition.

Physical development:

  • Your child’s fine motor skills are developing at a tremendous rate, enabling him to use his hands in specific ways to accomplish tasks. At birth your child’s wrist and palm only consist of three bones, in comparison to the 28 bones in an adult’s hands. It isn’t until the cartilage in a child’s hands ossifies into bones that the brain’s ability to influence the supporting muscles starts to mature. Once this happens, using tools (in your child’s case – toys) becomes easier, whether it is a stick to beat a drum, a crayon for drawing or a spoon for feeding.

Social and emotional development:

  • The emotional range of a 2-year-old is broad, extending from sheer delight to frustrated rage in a matter of minutes. While being able to express emotions freely is considered a healthy ability, a child must learn to manage his emotions and know which feelings are appropriate. This needs practice and he will need your help.

Cognitive development

  • Your child’s understanding of the world continues to improve through his developing language and memory skills. Memory also helps in the development of his attention span as he begins to understand the concept of sequences of events. Improved concentration is derived from your child’s growing ability to develop the technique of selective or focal attention – how to switch off outside stimuli and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Milestones: 28 to 30 months

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