Last updated on Feb 23rd, 2021 at 02:01 pm

Physical development:

  • At the age of 24 months your toddler is able to walk, run and climb. He needs loads of opportunities to use his body to build more strength in his limbs and increase coordination. Although your child may be unable to hop, skip and jump for any length of time at this stage, it won’t be long before he starts to incorporate the occasional hop, skip and jump as he walks and runs. These will become easier with practice.

Social and emotional development:

  • Your toddler will still seem selfish. His inclination will be always to put his needs first, unless you keep gently encouraging him to think of others. Encourage your child to share; this will also increase his socialisation process, which is primarily learned through imitation. If he is treated with respect and affection, he will learn to treat others similarly. You can expect spontaneous and genuine bursts of affection from your child, especially if similar attention is lavished on him. It makes it easier for him to accept and value other people’s feelings if he feels accepted and valued, too.

Cognitive development:

  • Your child will make enormous progress throughout this year as his language skills develop and he begins to process information in different ways. The continued development of his memory, together with improving language skills allows your child to begin to form mental images of how things happen. This leads to the understanding of concepts such as up and down, under and over and in and out. Your child should understand simple requests such as asking him to fetch his shoes. This will teach him independence and create confidence and a sense of helpfulness and will build self-esteem.

Milestones: 26 to 28 months

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