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Even though your toddler is becoming increasingly independent, sometimes he tries to do more than he can manage. Offer the help he needs rather than taking over completely, and praise his efforts even if he does not quite complete the task. The more he is able to manage himself, the more his self-esteem will grow, and the happier he will be.

Physical development:

  • By now walking, running, stopping and starting again are usually well coordinated. It may be something you have started to take for granted as your toddler becomes more physically capable. He will try to climb stairs, and depending on how adventurous your toddler is, he will attempt to climb off and on objects such as sofas.

Fine motor skills:

  • Your toddler’s fine motor skills are rapidly developing, meaning that he can now not only use his hands, but also tools. This can range from digging with a spade, to scribbling on a piece of paper or banging on a drum. He might also attempt to do those tasks that you have always done for him, such as putting on his shoes by himself. Cognitive development By constantly building on what he already knows and understands, your toddler continues to extend his understanding of the world. He will often demonstrate his knowledge of what happens next through his anticipation of an event.

Emotional development :

  • Learning to think about others takes a long time, and can only follow after self-awareness. As your toddler becomes more self-aware, physically and then emotionally, he can extend his feelings about himself to others. This starts with those closest to him – which is why you may see evidence of this in his relationship with you. Close family members can create the emotional security that allows your toddler to consider the feelings of other people. For example, if you point out that another child is upset, your toddler may express sympathy by giving the child a hug and a kiss.

Milestones: 22 to 24 months

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