Last updated on Feb 23rd, 2021 at 02:07 pm

Toddlers are naturally curious, and will learn to make important discoveries by themselves. Toddlers don’t get bored if they have a good learning environment, even if they can’t concentrate for long yet. Their whole world is open to discovery.

Physical development:

  • Your toddler may now be able to walk faster, and even run a little without stumbling; although children at this age vary considerably in what they can and want to achieve. The large muscle groups in his legs have become stronger through use. Give your child more control over stopping and starting when he is walking. His movements are much more controlled and he may even start taking backwards and sideways steps.

Fine motor skills:

  • Since his fine motor skills are still developing you might notice that your toddler is able to grasp small objects by using his thumb and forefinger. This makes smaller movements such as pressing knobs, turning switches and twisting handles possible. Accuracy is improving through play.

Cognitive development:

  • Your toddler has a vocabulary of between 50 and 200 words. The development of memory and language is closely linked, so you may be aware of a big leap in his general understanding of things as his speech improves. What he says will also become more sophisticated. You can determine how far your toddler’s understanding has progressed by making complicated requests. If he is able to follow your instructions, he has understood several concepts. This is a big leap forward in his cognitive skills.

Emotional development:

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  • Although your toddler will enjoy being around other children of a similar age, the playing he does is in parallel rather than through interacting with them. He might smile at other children of all ages, and like to watch what they are doing and imitate them, especially if they are a bit older.

Milestones: 20 to 22 months