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There is no need to follow a specific cleansing routine for your baby’s nose. Some babies are very snuffly though and sound like a steam train, and have difficulty feeding or waking because of dry membranes from mouth breathing. Insert one or two drops of saline into each nostril to loosen any mucus you cannot see. Your baby will probably sneeze it out soon afterwards. Homeopathic nasal drops and creams are very effective too. You can also tickle your baby’s nostrils with a tissue to induce sneezing. You can use a nasal mucus extractor safely, but take care to avoid injury to the delicate membranes. If your baby has a chronic problem with mucus or there are other signs of ill health, like fever or pain, apply the self-help tips elsewhere in this guide or see your doctor.

By Sister Lilian

Newborn facts: Mouth

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