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Cradle cap is a crusty, yellow layer clinging to the skin of your baby’s scalp and sometimes to the eyebrows. It is related to a certain type of eczema and your baby may well develop this later if preventative measures are not taken. Cradle cap responds very well to the following measures:

  • Give the tissue salt remedies kali mur and kali sulph – one tablet of each crushed and dissolved in 5ml boiled, cooled water three times a day.
  • Massage olive oil into the scalp, leave overnight and wash out the next day or use a fine-tooth comb to remove crusts.
  • Make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water, apply to cradle cap and rinse out after five minutes.
  • If cradle cap persists you might need to change your baby’s formula milk to a special allergy formula. If breastfeeding, reduce dairy and grain products in your diet.
  • Do not introduce cereals to your baby as a first- or early food.

By Sister Lilian

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