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What is baby reflexology?

Although reflexology has been used for centuries to treat ailments in adults, it’s fast becoming a popular treatment of choice for babies too. “This is because reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive treatment using only the pressure points in the hands and feet to stimulate and revitalise natural energies found in everyone, including adults, children and babies,” says Baby Reflex founder, Jenny Lee. The pressure point stimulation encourages the release of this vital energy and helps to restore normal functions to muscles, bones, blood vessels and vital organs.
“Babies have soft, pliable skin and enjoy touching their own feet and having their feet touched,” says Jenny, “which is often why they’re so receptive to reflexology.”
Jenny carried out pilot research studies in childhood asthma and the reflexologists found that reflexology could help to reduce mild asthma and constipation and that children’s medication could be safely given with the therapy.
Jenny was encouraged to extend her research and practice of reflexology to younger children and babies. She did just that and Baby Reflex was born in the UK.
Parents report that they have had success with reflux and teething problems since using Baby Reflex and their babies sleep better.

How will it help your child?

“Although there’s no magic cure to stop little ones from crying, many parents who’ve attended my class are surprised at how much calmer their babies are, not just during the session but at night too,” says Baby Reflex instructor and doula Sarah Vorster. “We’ve found that the Baby Reflex five-minute treatment for colic and constipation seems to help babies burp better and have regular bowel movements. Throughout the treatment, babies also learn to recognise this particular type of touch as calming and therapeutic, which makes it particularly beneficial just before bedtime. Research has also found that Baby Reflex sessions help to reduce mild asthma, reflux and constipation. Parents have reported that their baby’s teething trouble, blocked ears, coughs and colds have been helped, as well as those affected by travelling and flying,” she adds.

Quick and easy

“One of the biggest benefits of Baby Reflex is that it takes just a few minutes a day and you only need to practice it on your little one to relieve a particular ailment,” says Sarah. You can also choose when to have the session. Good times include first thing in the morning, or later in the evening during bath time, or just before bed. “Once parents have attended my classes, I give them an easy-to-follow DVD to take home,” says Sarah. “This includes simple instructions on how to apply the techniques learnt in class to each session with your baby,” she adds.

A treat for toddlers

“Besides the preventative and therapeutic benefits of reflexology itself, toddlers love the bonding time with their parents,” says Jenny.
Toddler Reflex focuses on the hands and not the feet, but the same gentle massage is used to promote healing in specific areas of the body, while calming your little one down.

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Workshops for you

Classes are offered at the following venues:


Cape Town



What to expect:

  • Each workshop covers bite-size chunks of information that are quickly absorbed.
  • You’ll also receive well-illustrated reflexology charts and printouts, to make it easy to remember at home, plus you’ll get a pair of soft plastic feet to practice on. DVDs are also available if you want to practice more at home.
  • WEEK 1: Feeding and digestion
  • WEEK 2: Sleeping and comforting
  • WEEK 3: Baby’s wellbeing and normal niggling problems, such as teething, colds, coughs, blocked ears when travelling and watery eyes.