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From hormone surges to cellulite and stretchmarks, pregnancy and birth definitely take their toll on your body. These changes are often hard to deal with for a new mother, but instead of being overwhelmed by the problem, tackle it early and you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time!

Concern: Stretchmarks and cellulite

Solution: Prevention is better than cure. Start by exfoliating problem areas like your stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks every time you bath or shower, to get your circulation going and to slough off any dead skin cells (this will help the products you use to penetrate more easily). Follow by massaging in a toning moisturiser or nourishing body oil.

Products to assist: Mama Mio Body Buff, Bio Oil, Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretchmark Oil.

Concern: Weight gain

Solution: Remember your body needs time to recover and heal before you put it under too much pressure to drop the extra weight. Wait at least four to six weeks after birth before starting an exercise routine, especially after a C-Section. Once you’re ready to exercise, start slowly; short walks (one idea is to walk with your baby in a pram), Pilates and yoga are great, as they’re effective, yet gentler on the body. Watch what you eat, too. Pack away the biscuits, chocolate and other refined sugar goodies. And drink as much water as you can.

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To assist: To speed up your metabolism, put cinnamon on your cereal or yoghurt; add sliced lemon to your water (whether hot or cold); add some chilli to main meals (if you’re not breastfeeding); and drink more green tea.

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Concern: Episiotomy and natural tearing

Solution: To ensure the speedy healing of any skin tears that may have occurred during birth, it’s wise to add coarse salt to your bath daily, to keep infection at bay. Arnica tablets will also speed up the healing of not only tears, but any swelling and bruising as well.

Products to assist: Sister Lilian Arnica Tablets

Concern: Acne-prone skin

Solution: Breakouts are common during and after pregnancy, due to an excess production of sebum. By ensuring a good cleansing routine with the right products, you can start to solve this skincare problem one step at a time. If the problem persists, visit a dermatologist who will prescribe safe skincare medication for you to take while breastfeeding.

Products to assist: REN Clearcalm 3 (the whole range is 100% natural), Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Toner, Ahava Purifying Mud Mask, TLC Spots Fighter Tea Tree Oil Facial Wipes

Concern: Dry and brittle hair and scalp

Solution: Hair often feels thicker during pregnancy and is less likely to fall out, however dry hair and scalp is often a problem. A moisturising hair mask will give an intense hydration boost to brittle hair. For a dry scalp, you can use coconut oil massaged into the head (it’s great for hair too, but must be washed out properly), or a product specifically for this concern.

Products to assist: Head&Shoulders Moisturising Scalp Care, Motions 3-in-1 Dry Scalp Treatment, Treemendus Tea Tree Shampoo (natural and organic)

Concern: Skin pigmentation

Solution: It is possible to rectify pigmentation and uneven skin tone – another major concern during pregnancy. With the right products, you’ll see a noticeable difference to skin within about six weeks – the time it takes for skin to renew itself.

Products to assist: Ponds Flawless Radiance Even Tone Facial Foam, Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

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