Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 05:28 pm

While some women feel an instant connection to their unborn baby, for others it can take until the birth (or even after the birth) for that special connection to form.

Here are five ways to help you bond with your unborn baby:

1. Talk to your bump

Spend some time each day talking to your baby. Tell her how you’re feeling that day and about the things the two of you will do together once she’s born. Your little one will recognise your voice after birth and turn towards you whenever she hears it.

2. Nudge back when your baby kicks

Your baby’s only method of communication at the moment are kicks and nudges. Play with your little one by responding to her movements – gently poke back when she kicks you and rub your belly in the area of her movements to see what she does.

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3. Keep a pic of your baby close by

If you’re finding it difficult to bond with your unborn baby, spend time looking at your scan photos each day. You can even frame one of these photos to keep by your desk, or you can set it as your screensaver on your computer and smartphone.

4. Keep a pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal can help you focus on the pregnancy. Talk about how you feel physically and write down any worries and concerns you’re having. This can help identify any anxiety you may be feeling.

5. Get Dad involved

It’s not just you who wants to develop a lasting bond with your baby; dad-to-be probably wants the same thing. Place your partner’s hands on your tummy when you feel the baby kick so he can feel the movements too. He could even talk to baby or read a book to her while the two of you are lying in bed.