Last updated on Feb 17th, 2021 at 03:22 pm

By Lisa Raleigh

Growing moms-to-be can expect to put on between 18 – 14kg during pregnancy. The extra load is an obvious cause for back and body pain.
Your sense of gravity changes with a growing tummy too. This causes postural strain as you’re now carrying excess weight around your tummy.
During pregnancy, hormone production causes joints to be less stable. This is in preparation for your growing baby, allowing your pelvis to expand as it develops.
Just a few daily exercises and stretches will go a long way to ease pain, particularly in your back, legs and shoulders. These can be incorporated into a routine or just done at home.

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General tips for preventing back pain

  • Avoid sitting or standing for long periods. You need to rest frequently to relieve your back from your new baby weight.
  • Skip the heels: No matter the occasion, you’re better off sticking to comfortable flats or low heels with good arch support.
  • Snooze hard: When it comes to sleep, you need to be resting on a firm mattress.
  • Give prenatal yoga a try: These classes are designed to help you relax and address you and your baby’s needs as you grow.

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