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Nicky Sharp, mom to Amelia (five) and Oliver (three), knows first-hand how challenging it can be to lose those extra post-pregnancy kilos. Nicky gained over 25kgs due to a bed-rest pregnancy, but she decided to take control of her life and ended up winning the USN Body Makeover Challenge in February this year.

We caught up with Nicky to find out what kept her motivated during the challenge and how she incorporates her healthier lifestyle into her family life…

L & L: What kept you motivated to continue with the challenge and not fall back into your old lifestyle?
N: The fact that this challenge allowed me some ‘me’ time, which I reckon all mothers need. You tend to lose yourself in motherhood and finding a balance is key to finding your well-being again. My balance was the 12-week USN Lifestyle Challenge. It taught me how to put my life and health back into perspective. Like anything in life we have our tough days. But the results I saw as each week of the challenge passed kept me going. I couldn’t allow myself to fall back into previous bad habits. I wanted to be healthy and fit and that’s something I want my kids to see and believe in as they grow up.

L & L: How long did it take you to reach your goal weight?
N: The challenge was 12 weeks, so it took me three months to lose the weight. Each week brought with it change in some way or another. My weight dropped quickly and my body became shapely and I felt good about myself again. In the 12th week of my challenge I won Miss Fitness Bikini 2011.

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L & L: How often do you exercise?
N: I like to exercise at least five or six days of a week. As a mom I don’t have hours to spend at the gym, so I like to schedule my exercise routine around my kids’ activities and busy schedule. I recently started doing Crossfit four times a week. I also train with a personal trainer three times a week. We break our workouts up into different focal areas during my one-hour session. Some Saturdays I run the five-kilometre Park Run – a fun challenging run across the beach and through the bush. So my exercise is varied and I’ve made it a huge part of my life.

L & L: Do you still indulge in a treat every now and again? What’s your favourite treat?
N: I have to admit I have a sweet tooth. Chocolate and dried figs are my all-time favourites. I often have to turn a blind eye when walking down the sweets aisle. But I do believe in treating myself. My kids often want me to taste something sweet, which I do, but everything in moderation.

L & L: Did your family’s diet also change when you changed your lifestyle?
N: We all generally eat healthily. Sometimes I find myself cooking two separate dishes, but that’s when I’m being extra strict after having been on holiday and wanting to cut back and focus again. I try and limit junk food as much as possible.

L & L: What advice do you have for moms who want to lose their pregnancy weight, but are still struggling?
N: Anything you put your mind to in life is possible and achievable. When I look at my post-pregnancy photos, I can say I’m proud of where I am now. We all have to learn to be comfortable in our own skins; just taking that first step towards a healthy lifestyle is a possibility that can become a reality. For me it was the 12-week USN Challenge.

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