Flirting with style: the classy way get attention…
Flirting can be fun and sexy, but it can also backfire if you donâ??t handle it correctly. The key is to be classy, not trashy, and you can do that by following some simple tips:
The first step in any potential relationship is sending out the right signals to let that guy who caught your eye know youâ??re interested.

 1. Even if you really do have it, donâ??t flaunt it

Flirting is about getting a guyâ??s attention and nothing does that better than a subtle hint of what lies beneath.  Instead of outrageous, skin baring clothes, try an outfit thatâ??s a little sexy and clingy but that still leaves something to the imagination.    
2. Try and keep things as spontaneous as possible

This not only adds an element of surprise which can be fun but it prevents you from looking too nervous because youâ??re trying too hard to follow your â??planâ?.  

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3. Be a little forward … but not too much

A guy likes it when his girl initiates intimacy, but you donâ??tâ?? want to go too far. A little private smooch session is fine, but make sure he knows where you draw the line.
Along with establishing your willingness to be a little adventurous, you also need to know when to pull back. This leads to…

4.  Catch me if you can

Guys actually like the challenge of the chase, so holding him off a bit … not answering his calls right away, not jumping feet first into a second date … can help to keep things fresh and keep him interested.
Whatever else you do, remember 5:

5. A little confidence goes a long way

Show him that youâ??re sure of yourself and heâ??s more likely to find you attractive. The stronger your sense of self worth, the better youâ??ll look to him.  At the same time, remember …

6. Doubt is your enemy

You donâ??t want to come off seeming like you are unsure or scared. Believe in yourself and heâ??ll be more apt to believe youâ??re worth his time.

7. Weigh your chances

Thereâ??s nothing worse than putting a ton of effort in only to find out you never had a shot to begin with. Make sure that you have a real connection before taking it any further. 

8. Keep it fun

Flirting should never be work and it shouldnâ??t be a strain; itâ??s about relaxing and enjoying yourself and the possibilities.

9. Share the compliments

Girls arenâ??t the only ones who like to hear positive things about themselves. Throw a few encouraging words his way and youâ??ll make him feel better about himself and appreciate you more in the process. 
10. Donâ??t try too hard

Nothing is more unattractive than a girl who is throwing herself at a guy. The more you push it, the less likely he is to respond. Flirting is all about putting your best foot forward and seeing if you canâ??t get a positive reaction in return. 

But donâ??t compromise on class.  Youâ??ve got a lot to offer; make sure the offer says just the right things!