After attending Mark Gungor’s marriage seminar on The difference between men and women’s brains, I thought these pearls of wisdom were just too wonderful to let them disappear into a memory folder…..
I would like to share  some of the points he makes that left us holding our bellies and leaving with a better understanding.

A man’s brain is described as being filled with boxes
Starting with the male brain he makes an analogy of a man’s brain being filled with boxes â?? discreet boxes that (very importantly) do not touch each other.
Each one is labelled clearly and only one gets taken out at a time, opened and then put back securely â?? and once again being very careful not to let them touch each other. Labels are the likes of : Work, Wife, Children, golf, Mother-in-law (this box is kept in the basement), etc etc, and then there’s a very important box that I will come to in a minute.

The female brain is described as a huge ball of wire with everything connected to everything else

The female brain is very different being described as a huge ball of wire with everything connected to everything else. And everything is connected to emotions â?? part of why us girls remember EVERYTHING.
Then there was something that made us yell with laughter â?? his description of the man’s ‘Nothing’ box. 

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The male ‘nothing box’ is a very special box
This is where he goes to ‘think about nothing’ and when you ask him what he’s thinking, and he say’s ‘nothing’, it’s REALLY TRUE.
The reason is, this is part of how the male psyche (according to Mark â?? and I think this is true), deals with stress â?? he goes to this place of not thinking about it, and the stress goes away â?? the problem is, this is also the solution he’ll offer when you’re stressed â?? ‘stop thinking about it’,
Now I don’t know about you, but this just drives me crazy â?? how can not thinking about it get to any practical solution?
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That being said, us girls like to talk through something â?? it’s how we organize it, categorize it, simplify it and then decide what we’re going to do about it. Talking about it is how we process it.
Men do not interrupt, and do not offer advice; all you need to do (and this is for major points) is listen and nod your head. And girls â?? if he needs to sit and think about ‘nothing’ â?? walk away and leave him to it. When he’s less stressed out about it, he will be able to communicate again.