To most women the word submission symbolises female oppression and degradation. The sound of the word makes most of us cringe. But is there a positive meaning to the word when applied to a successful relationship?

I was listening to Creflo Dollar in the car the other day and he had a lovely explanation of how it should be understood, and when I heard it I thought –  this is beautiful: ‘ Sub’ ( to be under) ââ?¬â?? mission ââ?¬â?? your purpose.

Submission can mean to find a purpose to live by or under

That means to put yourselves under each other’s mission. To strive to understand, as individuals and as a couple, what it is you would like to achieve, and support each other in this.

What then happens when a man and a woman do not agree on the way forward in big decisions ââ?¬â?? coming from a Christian perspective, this would mean you do nothing until you are unified in mind and spirit about what to do. Only when both of you agree on the direction you should be going into, is it right to do so. When one is not in agreement wait, as this may very well be that either the timing or decision is not right. Know that both of you have an ‘intuition’  and trust and pray that this will be in tune when the time is right.

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We need to love and nuture each other

The command is for the husband to love his wife  ââ?¬â??  a woman’s primary nature is to love and nuture and  women need this in return; this command actually tells a husband how he can go about having a happy and contented wife. In being told this, men are actually being given the key to their wife’s heart, and the approach they need to take when  wanting to communicate something or make a request.

Men need affirmation to feel content

Men operate very often from the basis of respect, rank and honour as it were – and need this to feel affirmed and content. This is an inherent need and when the woman is instructed to respect and honour her husband, she’s actually being given the key to his heart, and the tools she will need when needing to communicate with him.

So next time you need to approach a touchy subject  or when you really want your partner’s buy-in, approach them with these insights in mind and see if they are not more open to  your communication and to your ideas.

To follow ââ?¬â?? What about the man and his ‘authority?’