Many of us are realising that staying fit during a pandemic is harder than anyone thought, but these celebrities definitely nailed it.

Here is our celebrity Fitspiration going into 2021.

Busiswa for all those positive vibes

Busiswa exudes confidence at whatever size, it came as a surprise to many fans when she emerged slimmer and trimmer earlier this year.
Still the same explosive Busiswa in smaller packaging, the hitmaker inspires us to love the body we have while working towards the body we want.

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The comeback queen

Long after you’ve got your dream body, you still have to put in the work to keep it, and it is not easy.
Rapper, presenter and personality; Boity, picked up a super fit body as she rose to stardom. While she admits to slacking on her routine and putting on more weight than she would have liked in the past, she has taken her body back and isn’t afraid to show it.
We are inspired to work our way back even after we fall off the fitness wagon.

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Connie makes time stand still

It’s hard to believe that Connie Fergason turned 50 this year! She could probably box many women half her age out of the kickboxing ring while claiming space in the TV industry.
When it comes to claiming the body you want and getting fit and fabulous age isn’t a factor. Connie is showing us the way to the fountain of youth, it’s in the gym.


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No snap back, but she’s back

Takkies is a dancer and fitness superstar, it comes as no surprise that she’s bikini-ready months after giving back to another gorgeous baby.
Although women’s bodies are different and we all slim down and tone up at a unique pace, Takkies’ decision not to put herself under pressure to ‘snap back’ is definitely inspirational.
Being a new mom is tough enough.

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Celebrity fitspiration for 2021

Here is our celebrity Fitspiration going into 2021…

Rihanna eats what she wants

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Drew Barrymore: It’s so hard to work out with kids

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Rachel Kolisi shares weight loss journey & reveals secret to her killer legs

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