If there is one this we have done without restriction this year, it is eating.

Through this period of comfort eating, thoughtless grazing and hobby eating, we’ve found food trends we would like to leave behind in 2020.

Mystery foods

We all like cute combinations. We like it in fashion, we like is in animal friendships and we sometimes like it in food, but when it comes to food we like knowing exactly what it is we are eating most of all.

Mystery foods with mystery ingredients can stay in the past.

Clover’s new polony flavoured cheese – Um. We’re confused?

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Out with the old

We all have favourites and watching them disappear off the shelves never to return is something we want to leave in 2020.
After Nestle discontinued Chocolate log among some other memorable products, we don’t think the sweet aisle will ever be the same again.

We cannot be left wondering if every favourite we can’t find on the shelves has been cruelly discontinued… we’ve had enough heartbreak in 2020.

RIP: More Nestlé chocolates to be cut from shelves

Oodles of zoodles and other tricks

There are few things more comforting than a bowl of pasta and there are even fewer things as disappointing as being conned into thinking you’re having pasta and instead bitting into a zoodle made out of zucchini and tastes nothing like pasta.

It might be time to retire all the tricks and learn to actually like the food we’re eating for what it is.

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