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So many of us claimed the year 2020; the year of health wealth and certainly not a crippling pandemic!

At the end of the year, I find myself overwhelmed with unexpected feelings and with a strange kind of relief. I’m setting my expectations for myself and my family of two differently in the coming year.

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I have been schooled

Not all parents will admit it but, many of us resolve to push our kids harder at school at the beginning of a new year in the hopes that they will do better than the previous year and ‘pull up their socks’.
This year I have been more involved in my child’s learning more than I ever thought possible (since my homeschooling dreams were dashed). Being in the background of my child’s entire learning day taught me not only to appreciate his teachers more but also how little I knew about his learning process and how different it was in reality to how I had imagined it.
This year’s resolution isn’t just to push him to do better but to be more involved in doing better together instead although I do hope it isn’t while listening in on every lesson as it plays out in our living space.

Lunch box munch box

Healthy lunch boxes to excite the little ones are all the rage at the beginning of the school year, but naturally, after dolphin-shaped sandwiches re brought back home complete save a tiny bite and the broccoli and dip find their home in the bin, we go back to the same boring old lunches.
In the new year, I am making lunches my child will eat. While health is important and I don’t plan on packing him packets of sugar, but I do plan on making sure he isn’t going hungry at school while I gather admiration on the socials for pretty lunches.
I’m swopping out the sweetened peanut butter for a ‘no-added sugar’ version and giving him the healthiest possible version of things he likes.

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Self-care vs self-pity

I’ve finally learned the difference between self-care and self-pity! While taking care of myself and trying to maintain a good emotional and mental health I threw myself into a routine of self-pity, babying myself and giving in to every impulse was a huge mistake.
Over 20kg’s later I realise that YOLO (you only live once) is a terrible philosophy and new jeans are expensive.
Self-care should never be something that causes more harm in the long run than good.

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So what exactly is my resolution?

In 2021 I’m learning to’ Keep Calm and Carry On’. If there is anything 2020 has taught us is that things can change, drastically and at the drop of a hat. Some goals will become unattainable and our plans will have to change.
In 2021 I’m rolling with punches and focusing on the things that really count whatever the new year may bring.

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