Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 10:44 am

Mihlali has found herself trending for the umpteenth time in 2020 after a tweet rubbed the male Twitter community up the wrong way!

If there’s one person who knows how to play the South African community like a fiddle, it’s super-influencer Mihlali Ndamase. The 24-year-old beauty and lifestyle content creator has stirred up drama on the timeline once again this week after a tweet advising women to cheat on men went viral. Needless to say, many of the gentle brothers on social media did not take kindly to that advice…

Mihlali’s controversial advice to SA women

If there’s one group of people Mihlali will always stand up for, it’s the women of South Africa, even if it makes one or two men a little unhappy. Mihlali proved this again over the weekend when she shared a rather spicy thought with her 1 million + followers across all platforms. Although the tweet she published was in jest, many have taken it very seriously.

Speaking about loyalty and relationships, Mihlali advised women to “cheat” on their partners. She wrote, “Cheatani wethu girls (cheat freely girls), men don’t deserve any loyalty”

She followed that up by adding, “Deny till you die ntombi, have we not learnt anything from men? Make him feel like he’s crazy for even suggesting you’d cheat. Also remind him that women don’t cheat so what he’s saying is insane.”

Why are men upset at Mihlali’s tweets?

Needless to say, many members of male Twitter were not at all pleased by her line of commentary. A number of angry men replied by calling her all sorts of names in response, but the insults did nothing to change her stance or point of view. Instead, many of Mihlali’s fans took to the timeline to share their thoughts on why her comments seemed to strike a nerve.

One person summed it up when they said, “The truth is that #mihlali is literally these insecure men’s embodiment of their dream girl however she’s outspoken, doesn’t tolerate BS, successful, independent & can’t be contained which is something that these men cant handle. Hence why they always bash her. They’re angry”

Would you be angered by Mihlali’s tweet or would you see the funny side of it?