Kourtney Kardashian has been discussing autosexuality on her website, Poosh.

The 41-year-old reality TV star invited Casey Tanner, a therapist, writer, and founder of QueerSexTherapy, to speak to her lifestyle site Poosh about autosexuality, which is described as “a trait wherein one is turned on by engaging in their own eroticism”.

The article begins with a question: “Are you autosexual?”

And suggests that many of us probably lean towards autosexuality… “The short answer is yes, most likely. In fact, we all are, at least a little.”

In the article, Tanner explained: “Like most human characteristics, autosexuality is a spectrum – and the majority of us are on it! Some may identify as exclusively autosexual, in which case they might consider autosexuality their sexual orientation. Most people, however, incorporate autosexuality into a larger sexual repertoire that also includes being turned on by partnered sex.”

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Tanner added, “This might mean wearing sexy lingerie, even if your partner hardly gives it a second glance. It could mean doing your hair and makeup so that you feel good and turned on, even when you’ve been in a long-term monogamous relationship and the other party hardly notices.

“We are sensual beings, so depending on our own sensuality instead of relying solely on others to turn us on has profound power.

“It takes the pressure off of partnered sex”

“It takes the pressure off of partnered sex, and it brings so much pleasure to our time, ehem, alone. Wherever you land on the spectrum of autosexuality, none of it is wrong. Enjoy yourself, literally.”

Poosh is a multimedia lifestyle platform, which Kourtney launched in April 2019.

Its mission is to “educate, motivate, create, and curate a modern lifestyle, achievable by all,” and it was named after Kourtney’s daughter Penelope, whose nickname is Poosh.


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