So it’s been a hard year. Things have been hectic and we’ve all been so busy and while we all deserve the biggest most decadent Christmas, not all of us have had the time or the funds to make it happen. 


Peppermint Crisp Icecream Recipe

Ice cream making is often made out to be a complicated and almost science experiment like affair, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks up your sleeve and the right ingredients in your cupboard, you can whip up a rich and creamy ice cream your family will love at breakfast and be ready to serve by lunchtime with minimal effort.

Inspired by the much lover Peppermint Crisp tart, this Peppermint Crisp ice-cream has all the delicious caramel and mint flavours of the tart and an extra dash of creamy decadence from the custard and the whipped cream.

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Easy no-churn Peppermint Crisp icecream recipe

Peppermint Crisp Tart Recipe



Divine Peppermint Crisp Tart


Pineapple Fridge tart

A quick and simple recipe for traditional South African Pineapple Fridge Tart. You only need 4 ingredients that cost less than R100. That’s a tasty dessert that’s not only easy to make but budget-friendly too. As far as easy fridge tart recipes go, this pineapple fridge tart is one of our favourites.

Pineapple Fridge Tart recipe

Individual Tiramisu Recipe

Classic egg and coffee custard makes a stunning summer dessert.

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Individual tiramisu & caramel Trifles recipe


Berry delicious berry trifle recipe

There are very few foods as festive as trifle! A traditional British dessert, it has been adopted and adapted to suit South African tastes and our wide variety of seasonal fruit (every season). This bright and delicious berry trifle is a beautiful celebration of summer strawberries and fresh pomegranate.

Berry delicious berry trifle recipe