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Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 03:39 pm

As expected, the festive season is a busy time in most emergency centre’s however this year, COVID-19 infections have put added strain on South Africa’s emergency services, especially in provinces with high infection rates

As a result of the sharp increase in patients requiring to be admitted with severe COVID-19 as well as the increase in non-COVID-19 trauma cases, emergency centre’s in the Western Cape have called on visitors and residents to use other medical facilities for medical attention that is not related to an emergency.

Healthcare workers are also under severe pressure. They are spending their Festive Season away from their loved ones to help your loved ones. Support Health care workers by only going to the hospital’s emergency centre for life-saving and urgent medical care. 

For non-emergencies, go to your nearest clinic

Please note that our clinics can only test people for COVID-19 who meet the testing criteria. People who need a negative COVID-19 certificate for travel purposes cannot be tested at public clinics. 

The following people will be tested for COVID-19 in the Cape Winelands District: 

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  • All people with coronavirus symptoms including inpatients. Old age and Health Care workers 
  • Pre-Operative testing of coronavirus asymptomatic patients awaiting surgery 
  • Natural deaths occurring at home who had coronavirus symptoms 
  • Health Care Workers who are in quarantine and asymptomatic at day 7 
  • Those who previously tested PCR positive, but have developed new coronavirus symptoms, should only be tested 90 days after their first PCR test.

Do you part: wear a mask and avoid crowds. 


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