There are a few days until Christmas, and if you haven’t kept up with your planning, you might be wondering where all the time has gone.

We found some great sweet treat and sweet gifting ideas at Voodoo Lilly, The Gourmet Grocer in Johannesburg that are perfect for your festive braais, lunches, dinners and picnics.

Dang it’s a meringue

We had the most decadent meringues from Woolies. The crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside clouds of sweetness are the perfect base for individual pavlovas. Top with unique sauces like chef charlottes date sauce or even her mint chilli sauce to add a special twist to your Christmas pavlovas.

Pavlova with Berry Compote and Chocolate Drizzle recipe

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Store-bought homemade cookies

Cookies are a must-have holiday treat for young and old, but the time to bake cookies yourself can be hard to find. A box of homemade cookies, made in someone else home are a great gift to yourself and for someone you know doesn’t have time to bake their own.

Cookies can also be the beginning of delicious and fun desserts like ice cream sandwiches. Paired with artisan marshmallows, they can make delicious gourmet smores.

Chocolate Chip and Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches recipe

Get two-in-one treats

The festive season is all about indulgence. Getting a hit of booze with your ice cream is a definite win for your grown-up guests, and we aren’t talking about rum essence. Moonshine makes delicious alcoholic ice cream that tastes exactly as you would imagine; like a delicious and creamy softly frozen shooter.

Make a little icecream go a long way by using it as a topper for your tarts and cakes.

Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart recipe