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The 45-year-old actress is mother to Olive, eight, and Frankie, six, and has said looking after her brood whilst also keeping up her Hollywood career has made it impossible for her to prioritise her gym routine.

However, Drew – who has her kids with her husband Will Kopelman – also admitted her life is “better” now that she doesn’t put a strain on her diet.

It’s hard but worth doing

She said: “I will never be all one thing – eating the perfect food and working out every day. I just will never be that person. Between my kids and work, I don’t have the time in life.

“But I realised that if I’m more consistent about it and carve out the time for it, it leads to a better life. Before, it was all workout or none. And that really didn’t suit me. I had to prioritise it, but I will tell you, it is, like, third on my list. It probably should be first, but it’s, like, kids and work are probably rivals.”

The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ star says her new priorities are for the best though because even though she doesn’t obsess over her exercise regime, she values it more than she used to.

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She added: “Years ago working out was, like, number 24 on the list. Actually, my health is fourth on the list – my friendships are third. But, hey, it’s in the top five – so that’s good.”

However, Drew also insisted she hasn’t yet mastered the art of balance, as she described the concept as “an elusive b**** who has evaded me my entire life”.

She quipped to Health magazine: “I’m just ready to wrestle her to the ground and have an old-fashioned, hair-pulling girl fight with her. I’m the most wrecking-ball pendulum of extremes, with no pretty little middle.

“I’ve got her pinned down right now, and it feels better than usual.”


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