After falling pregnant at the age of 16, she turned her life around and knew she needed to leave a lasting impact on the world for her son…

Mumtaaz (Taz) Emeran matriculated from Camps Bay High School in 2012, and set her sights on becoming a medical doctor. In an interview published on the Wits Surgical Society blog, Taz revealed the moment she realised she wanted to study medicine.

Her son was born prematurely, weighing in at only 1kg. “Visiting my premature baby in hospital for 3 months and watching the doctors handle him and nurse him back to health was a wonderful thing to watch. I then decided I wanted to have that kind of impact on someone else one day,” she told WSSS.


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Her studies have not been easy

Taz’s son has stayed in Cape Town while she studies, but she knows that she’s been working towards providing him with the best life possible.

She wrote her final exams this year and was due to graduate from the Wits Medical School, but a final obstacle stood in her way. A sponsor who was paying her fees fell through in her third year and Taz racked up a bill of R471 000.

She decided to reach out to her friends, family, followers of her fitness channel on Instagram for help. While she said it was not an easy thing to ask for help, she saw it as her only option left. If she didn’t settle her fees, she wouldn’t be able to graduate.


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The spirit of Ubuntu shines through!

Taz’s appeal went viral, and Mzansi stepped up, with thousands of people donating whatever they could to help the ambitious young woman realise her dream of becoming a doctor. She received donations from across the country, and Standard Bank even jumped on board to assist.

On Thursday evening, Taz posted an update: “Through the spirit of Ubuntu WE DID IT SOUTH AFRICA!!! You guys have made my dreams come true thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


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Results received on the day her son turned 12

She released a video, in which she thanked the nation. “The spirit of Ubuntu can make anything possible. This degree belongs to every one of you…” she said. “I don’t know how to thank you enough!”

She posted a photo of her results – She received a commendable 75% pass, and is now a qualified doctor! It was also the day her son turned 12. A fitting end to the first chapter of Taz’s story.

Here’s what she posted:

So many amazing things have happened today

1) My son turned 12

2) South Africa helped settle my debt in 24hrs!

3) I passed!!!!

God came through for us today.


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Congratulations to Taz, we can’t wait to see where your career takes you!